Tuesday, February 24, 2009

iphone picture

the picture isn't the best but I was pretty stoked on how the skull turned out.

On a side not I will also be tattooing at the philly convention this weekend Feb 27 thru march 1 if your in the area stop by.  
Info on the convention can be found at tattooedkingpin.com 

Monday, February 9, 2009

In progress

some in progress pieces I have been working on.

This is the foot of a foo dog leg sleeve I am doing.  The image is an egg with a face that is a puzzle that is a gate keeper, kind of like hellraiser from what I gathered.  

This is a good and evil piece I just started we still have some outlining to do but I am pretty stoked on the whole concept of the tattoo.  A good and evil real loosely based on the adam and eve story.  Hopefully I will have more pics soon of some progress 

west virginia visit

I visited my friends shop Wild Zero Studios in Morgantown and did some really cool tattoos.  They also had a sailor jerry day where we did all his flash for real cheap and drank sailor jerry rum so it was definitly a good time. 


This gypsy took about 4 hours and has a sweet tamborine on the front 
with the ribbons wrapping around the roses.